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➼ Printed corrugated boxes are corrugated boxes that have been printed with custom designs or branding. Corrugated boxes are made up of several layers of fluted paperboard that are sandwiched between two layers of linerboard. These boxes are commonly used for shipping, storage, and transportation of various products.

➼ Printing on corrugated boxes is a popular way to customize the packaging and enhance brand recognition. The printing process involves applying ink onto the linerboard surface of the corrugated box using a printing press or a digital printer. The printing can be done in one or multiple colors and can include custom designs, logos, product information, and other branding elements.

➼ Printed corrugated boxes are a cost-effective and efficient way to create packaging that reflects your brand image and engages your customers. They help create a professional and polished look for your products, which can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.

➼ In addition to branding and marketing purposes, printed corrugated boxes can also serve functional purposes such as organizing and labeling products, reducing shipping and handling errors, and providing safety and security to the products during transit.

➼ Overall, printed corrugated boxes offer a versatile and effective way to enhance the appeal of your products and create a positive customer experience.